Design Faculty is located in the historical center of Como, seconds away from the beautiful Como Lake and positioned right next to the Duomo of Como and the Como Nord Lago station. The premises are inside a late nineteenth century historical building called "Palazzo Pantera" that was restored and refurbished recently. With apprentices from many different nationalities, and business connections with all around the world, production agreements with factories from both inside and outside Italy, the Design Faculty is truly an international place to be.

Design Faculty has been formed as a unit which puts great emphasis on the real-life application of the professional skills in an Italian way of doing design and design business. Design Faculty benefits from the strong profiles of both Italian and international designers, architects, engineers and artists that reside within. Design Faculty brings together different professional fields and connect them under a multi-disciplinary design roof with heavy focus on the specialist aspects and competences. Non-Designers are highly valued at the Design Faculty, we support cross-disciplinary experiences, and underline that the true potential of design can be unlocked when it is used in synergy with other fields.

We work as an intermediately step for young designers, artists and architects, and discipline-crossers such as non-design+designers to adapt and direct them to the real design-world situations. Design Faculty especially excels at real life applications of design, arts, architecture and engineering plus realizations of projects and ideas to provide our apprentices with the understanding of the concealed mechanics of the design field and design business. Reflecting and learning in action, people grasp the core properties of design. Unique in its proposition, we offer knowledge to be gained and discovered that no other design school could potentially offer without the necessary exposition to the real-life design phenomenon.

Design Faculty is a commercial unit of OMC Design Studios SRL. OMC Design Studios is a total design and design realization company that designs and also realizes and also publicizes projects mainly in design, architecture and arts; most commonly OMC Design studios focus on product design and realization, trade-fair design and realization, design research, public relations of design, organization of design events and each of these are separated as "studios" and the students will have the possibility to interact, learn and reflect with-in each of these design studios. Each unique studio of OMC Design Studios interacts with the Design Faculty; jointly projects in a wide diversity of fields all relating to design are taken and realized.


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