Design Faculty provides many opportunities to get experiences in industrial design, building and architectural design, graphics design, photography and communication design, and all of them with real-life projects instead of hypothetical scenarios. To be more exact, apprentices will get first hand experience on product design such as designing furnitures and their prototypes, models and making industrially produced versions of these designs by working together with factories, take part in architectural projects for designing buildings, watching the realization of the ğreviously designed interior spaces and tradeshow booths and even take part in their realizations, business and business identity design such as designing a brand from A to Z starting from the mission to company colors, fabric and textures design with focus on patterns, all for real companies, real clients, real feedbacks.

Participants of Design Faculty learn about high-tech methods of product design such as injection molding of plastics and blow-molding. hydro-jet or laser cutting and also crafty methods and materials such as ceramics, glass and composite materials. Design Faculty, offers also specialization on niche-design issues; learning by experimenting and trial on projects such as standardization of design, organization of design events such as design competitions and conferences, product-shooting and product-shot rendering, presentation design for impressing buyers or marketing new designs or products, communicating and making public relations with traditional press and making both 2D and 3D package designs are just some possibilities. Furthermore opportunities will rise to work in museum, gallery and exhibition design projects, interactive design applications, designing engineered products such as lightning and fixtures, working in franchise design or design of merchandises for promotion.

Design Faculty holds and provides special seasons on even-niche design fields with the requested of participants, thanks to these sessions, apprentices could explore exactly what they wanted to know, freely. To provide you with examples, some of these niche seasons could be focusing on annual or event reports design, design for usability, print design or design for press and publication, interface design, experience and services design, vehicle design, toy Design, shop Design, strategic design, service design, content design, and even more focused projects such as generative design with algorithms, soundscape design, database driven interactive application design. If an expert is necessary, we will do our best to find the best.

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